Internetworking - Analysis • Security • DevSecOps


What We Do


Blending the science of INTERNETWORKING with a thorough ANALYSIS of an organization’s TELECOMMUNICATION infrastructure.  


Leading edge technologies

Innovative design and engineering

Economically palatable business solutions


WiFi Network/WLAN

  • Design/Engineering
  • Deployment/Management
  • Mapping/Assessment

Internetworking Systems

  • Wide Area Network Design, Engineering, and Management
  • Network Traffic Analysis & Security Methodologies
  • Network Operational Center (NOC) Services

Security Information
Event Management

Vast quantities of data are created, archived for storage, reviewed and later analyzed, all in an attempt to tell a story.  At Netelysis we seek to understand the intricacies of this digital utterance.

  • Logs
  • Stdout/Stderr
  • Network Flows/Traces 

How and Why


  • The technologies that are core to all of Netelysis’ network security services are built upon open systems and open industry standards.

  • Our team believes that technical transparency promotes the strongest levels of network security.

  • At Netelysis we work towards better understanding the science, engineering and technologies that are utilized to secure our customers’ telecommunication and data networking infrastructures.


  • Freedom from any of the initial capital expenses that are typically associated with the purchasing of hardware, site licenses, warranties, etc.

  • Freedom from any long term servicing agreements and from any hidden fees or costs. Most agreements are initially for 3-6 months and are transitioned into a month to month flat-rate payment scheme.

  • Freedom from technology based vendor “lockins” and “strong armed” business tactics that are often used by value added resellers and original equipment manufacturers.

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